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Environmental protection is the future development trend

Henan MT Aluminum Co., Ltd.2021-10-22

Since the beginning of the 20th century, sustainable development has become the development route of major countries. In this context, more and more countries are beginning to pay attention to the concept of environmental protection and green buildings, and more and more environmentally friendly products are taking the lead in the market. With the popularization of environmental protection knowledge, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the safety, health and low carbon of building materials.

Promote the development of green products, and choose harmless, non-polluting environmentally friendly decorative materials, which is the main development trend of the construction industry. This is also an opportunity for the development of the aluminum veneer industry. Aluminum veneer has become the first choice environmentally friendly decorative material in the hearts of consumers, and is trusted and loved by consumers.

Aluminum veneer is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, healthy and comfortable building material. The selection of green building materials should follow two principles:

First, try to use environmentally friendly building materials that can be reused or recycled, and can be recycled.

Secondly, building materials must be non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, and not produce harmful substances to the human body.

The above-mentioned characteristics of aluminum veneer almost fully meet the requirements. Although the price of aluminum veneer is higher than other building materials, aluminum veneer can help improve the building environment, and can prevent mildew, sound insulation, heat insulation, sterilization, and temperature regulation. Humidity control, dimming, flame retardant, deodorizing effect. It also has the functions of fire resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and recycling, and the recovery rate is much higher than other materials.

Although aluminum veneer has been on the market for a long time, compared with other decorative building materials, aluminum veneer is considered a new type of environmentally friendly building material. The aluminum veneer will not cause any pollution to the environment during the production process, almost no waste will be generated, and the waste can be recycled.

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